Return to Neverland

A doua ediție a concursului județean de poezie Viața prin ochi de poet a atras numeroși participați, la toate secțiunile – învățământ primar, gimnaziu, liceu, respectiv poezie în limba română, în limba maghiară, în limba engleză.

SchoolBit vă prezintă câteva din poemele răsplătite cu premii sau mențiuni. Puteți citi mai jos lucrarea trimisă în concurs de Eliza Zgîrd, elevă în clasa a X-a B la Colegiul Național Mihai Eminescu, Oradea, care i-a adus o mențiune II la secțiunea Liceu, poezie în limba engleză.


Childhood, land of wonder

Sweet breeze brushing over me

Fairy dust all through the city,

A magic beam that shines so bright,

Like angels fell down from the skies.

Land of Neverland,

Take me with you again

Felt like a dream I had for years

Lived in a bubble that had burst its seams.

Land of wonder,

A place for me, a child

With ideas larger than an ocean,

A time that was only in my heart and mind,

A space with only love and comfort.

Land of memories,

How seasons have changed,

I grew up while you passed besides me like a train.

My childhood home, my friends

Sweet summer times with the ocean breeze,

Sand on my feet and salt on my skin

A perfect tempo created by the waves

A moon that shone so bright through the stars.

Time seemed like it was slowed down,

Hearts fluttering playing the same games

From Tag to Hide-n-Seek to Simon Says,

I sit around and remember the way

My heartbeat would be in my ears,

My smile so big it hurt my face

And the laughter I shared with my most beloved friends.

As years went by,

I forgot some things

How grandmas yard would feel under my bare feet,

How to fully live and enjoy myself and others,

Rushing through life is not the way

A child I was and will continue to stay.

The little things that made my days better,

Looking at ladybugs on flower petals,

To mom calling me in for dinner,

Dad smiles as soon as he sees my face

Asking me if I had fun while playing outside with my friends.

My childhood has no limits,

No space or walls to constraint

A time as sweet as nectar,

And as bitter as pink lemonade.

Childhood, where did you go?

Up the hills and down the slopes

I tried thinking of chasing after you,

But, for what reason?

Youre gone but still so present,

You helped me overcome things.

I hope you stay with me forever,

My sweet, sweet summertime friend.


clasa a X-a B, Colegiul Național Mihai Eminescu, Oradea

Imagine generic: Eliza Zgîrd, alături de îndrumătoarea sa, dna prof. Magda Botezat


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